Today I am at the League of Cities of Arizona annual conference. Here, a quorum of the council members of Kingman can attend, being what is called a Common council. You can download and read the agenda from the City website:!AgendasandMinutes.aspx.

It is the meeting listed for Aug. 23.

Tomorrow is a very special day focusing on our Youth. Youth delegates, including our Youth Commissions, from the cities and towns of Arizona are invited to join us at the 11th Annual League Youth Program being held during the conference, Wednesday, August 24. They will participate in their own sessions and activities, as well as have the opportunity to interact with local elected officials. I encourage our youth to attend this one-day program. The team-building exercises, networking and information sharing opportunities are excellent and among the best leadership opportunities we have locally.

Please forward Richard Anderson any concerns or questions you may have by contacting me here or cell: 928-377-8888