I have been looking at the cities of Arizona and what makes them successful. Prescott and Yuma were a lot like us 15-20 years ago. In researching, I discovered some interesting facts:

Out of 91 cities in Arizona:

  • 50 have a primary property tax
  • 17 have both a primary and secondary property tax
  • 3 have a secondary only property tax
  • 50 have a sales tax rate equal to or higher than Kingman
  • 65 have a food tax

What do we do with this information? I also looked at the fact that Kingman is one of the only cities in all of Arizona that provides all the services – taking on all the expenses and more. Bullhead City and Lake Havasu City contract out there water, their trash service, and Bullhead does not provide a Fire Department. They are covered by a Fire District. Kingman takes on all the expense and service – and our water services cover a greater region than Kingman’s city lines encompass.

Prescott is a city that we all know is prospering very well. They have both a primary and secondary property tax. They also do not take care of as many services as Kingman. Yuma has a primary tax – also prospering and also does not pay to provide as many services as we do.

I suggest we take a look at what is working for these cities and adopt the best plan for Kingman. We all want money to have a better quality of life. I am here to make this happen.

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