Today is the day. I encourage all to come out and have your voice be heard, it is important for all voters to make their way to the polls.

Mohave County Precincts, Polling Sites and Addresses   (Countywide Elections)
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Voting your Ballot – Do’s &  Don’ts!

Check your current address on your ID with the current address registered with Voter’s Registration — They must match.

  1. Use Black or Blue ink–not pencil, color crayons or other colored pens
  2. If you mis-mark your Ballot, request a new Ballot–do not put an X thru it, write ‘no’ or ‘oops’ and/or initial it. The voting machine can not read anything other than the bubble that is marked. Election Counting Boards can not interpret your intent–it is against the law!
  3. Your printed comments are misdirected–send them to your elected representatives. The Elections Department can not change the laws, nor do we write the laws.
  4. You must sign your Early Ballot affidavit envelope, this is your ID (Identification). (Check your registration card with your signature on it–if your signature has changed or you can no longer mark the ballot yourself, contact Voter Registration and they will gladly help you solve this problem.)
  5. Remember: Your signature on the affidavit envelope is your proof of ID and does not remain with the ballot once your signature has been identified as your’s and not your neighbor’s–your secrecy is not jeopardized. Don’t sign the ballot itself!
  6. If you are mailing back your ballot, allow plenty of time for the mail to deliver it.
  7. If you are going to the polling site, check to make sure you are listed in the correct precinct, find the correct location of your polling place, take your ID with you, and announce your name to the poll workers at the ID table so they may begin processing your ballot request.
  8. If your ID does not match the Voter Registration Roster, and you choose not to return home to get other forms of ID, then you will have to fill out a Provisional Ballot form so Voter Registration can verify your name, address, & signature. Allow some extra time for this situation.
  9. If you need special assistance let the poll workers know so they can assist you.

If you have moved since you last registered to vote, call Mohave County Voter Registration Office at 928-753-0767 so they can update your information and locate your new polling location. For any further information you can visit: https://www.mohavecounty.us/ContentPage.aspx?id=118&cid=140


Today is the Voter’s Day ~ Richard Anderson

Please forward Richard Anderson any concerns or questions you may have by contacting me here richard@richardandersonformayor.com or cell: 928-377-8888