Mayor Richard Anderson’s Speech given at Kiwanis, April 29, 2014

Mr. Anderson gave the following points to answer questions regarding Kingman Crossing.

  1. This issue is for the reclassification of land use. The interchange is already approved/included in the 2030 General Plan and not part of the discussion. A private financier could work with ADOT to start on the interchange at any time.
  2. The actual land use applies to 151 of the 168 acres the city owns. The 640 acres of State-owned open/recreational land directly south of the City-owned land are not impacted.
  3. There are NO residential homes that abut the 151 acres under consideration.
  4. According to economic research companies (i.e. Buxton, Retail Coach, etc) 2 out of every 5 dollars a Kingmanite spends on retail goods is spent outside Kingman. This would provide the Kingman consumer opportunity to purchase items that are not currently available in Kingman (at all, quality or quantity). The largest population sector in Kingman (at all, quality or quantity). The largest population sector in Kingman is the SE quadrant, with additional significant construction again in process. Where can Rancho (for example) residents shop in Kingman? Answer: either up Stockton Hill Road or north of the 40.
  5. Does it make sense to have Kingman area residents be able to spend their money in Kingman?
  6. There have been several inquiries from developers. The city of Kingman is not in the process of selling this land and no formal agreements are being discussed.
  7. This would be privately funded, unlike several groups who are pushing a $50M Rancho interchange that would be funded with $49M PUBLIC funding (your wallet and mine). Is this really responsible development and would these groups personally initiate a bond issue for Kingman residents to pay for this?
  8. I would encourage you to attend the public hearings to hear the facts and responses to questions; please just don’t depend on “my neighbor said…”
  9. Please feel free to contact me at the Kingman City Hall, 928-753-8101 and thank you for your interest.


I am very glad that our Mayor Anderson understands economics and finance, has the best interest of Kingman residents at heart and has given such clear understanding regarding Kingman Crossing.

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