As Mayor, I am elected by the residents of Kingman. My first allegiance is to the needs and health of our city and its residents. I debated a long time as to whether or not to personally endorse a candidate for US Senator for the state of Arizona. All candidates running for that position have both strong points and weak points. My choice had to be determined based on how effective a candidate would be in working with Congressional members on bills that benefit Kingman.

When (then) Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward established an exploratory committee to run for the US Senate, I donated to the committee. I followed more closely positions and accomplishments as to how they affected Kingman. I followed her face book page and commented on her unmanned photo radar position and agreed that the recipient of a speeding violation citation did not have the opportunity to face their accuser and was therefore unconstitutional. I further replied that the position of law enforcement that the intelligence gained from this and similar technology could be (and was) used to track and apprehend wanted felons and stolen vehicles. Her response was to the affect that this was “bending the law.” The reality is that wanted felons for the murder of a couple in Ohio and possession of a stolen vehicle were tracked to Arizona Golden Valley area. The Kingman Police Department (KPD) MRAP was deployed to support state DPS, Mohave County Sheriff and our KPD to approach and apprehend the felons – with no loss of life and injury to those involved. So I ask, if a member of your family was kidnapped or killed, or your vehicle stolen, wouldn’t you want them/it recovered? It is the intelligence piece that was totally ignored and an unwillingness to deal with. I do not and did not believe this to be in the best interests of Kingman and its residents. I could not in fact, find any votes or actions taken by Kelli that benefitted Kingman during her time in the Arizona Senate.

On March 8, 2016 I sent a letter to Senator John McCain for support to move funding for the Kingman West Beale Street I11 interchange into the ADOT 5 year funding stream. I also requested funding for the Kingman Airport/Rancho Sante Fe Interchange be in the I11 funding program. Within two weeks, Senator McCain had gathered the support of five other US Senators (Flake, Reed, Heller, Boxer, Inhofe) in a joint US Senate Letter to US Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx, reinforcing the priority of the Western Inter-mountain Commerce Corridor. This week, a representative from Arizona State Director of Transportation Executive Office personally came to Kingman to meet with myself, city staff, and the local ADOT to discuss the I11 program. IT IS COMING THROUGH KINGMAN, so set any disbelief aside. Also, a member of the ADOT Board of Directors was in attendance. The meeting resulted in a much better understanding of Kingman requirements and to establish timeline critical requirements and potential funding streams.

During early May, I went to Washington DC to meet with Senators McCain and Flake, Senator Harry Reid’s staff, Representative Gosar and other Congressional contacts I had established during my tenure in the Pentagon. Whereas I expected a ten minute meeting with Senator McCain and his staff, we met for forty-five minutes to discuss in detail Kingman priorities and needs. We have remained in contact as Senator McCain is working to garner support for Kingman’s Federal TIGER grant applications: Kingman/

Rancho Sante Fe Parkway and Kingman Crossing.

A final item I considered was how effective would either candidate be in working with Congressional members on bills that would benefit Kingman, my constituency. How effective would they be in gaining a decision, rather than just continuing dialogue?

After long deliberation, it became clear that Senator McCain has taken more action to benefit the residents of Kingman than Senatorial Candidate Ward. Therefore, I chose to personally endorse Senator McCain.

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