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During the Kingman City Council meeting Tuesday, October 4, 2016, . The discussion was whether the reduction be applied to residential, commercial or both? The second piece was should it be a flat amount per month or based on consumption. The item not addressed, that I insisted be presented during the November Public Hearings, was should the rates established starting 2013 be reviewed.

I firmly believe that the last 25% increase approved in November 2012 was too high. For the Public Hearings, I have requested that a complete review of the composition and purpose for rate segments be included in this year’s rate review. The Wastewater Treatment fund has accumulated a large Fund Balance, part of which has been used to pay off the old loan dues to covenants and restrictions of the old loan and no longer exist.

It is important that the rate payers be present and aware of just how their rates are developed and where the money goes. I will provide updated information regarding the time and place of these Public Hearings. Please check back here for updated information.

Please forward Richard Anderson any concerns or questions you may have by contacting me here or cell: 928-377-8888