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The water bill and the high cost of the sewer component has generated many questions and requests for solutions. I have answers! and here they are:

1. For the sewer rates, go to this page on the City website: Go to and click on the Departments tab in the navigation menu at the top of the page. Scroll down to “Utility Billing” at the bottom of the drop down list and click on it. On the Utility Billings page, the left hand navigation menu gives you a number of choices, including Water Fees, Sewer Fees and Sanitation Fees. Click on these and you will find all the fees you need.

2. The sewer rates are being lowered. I initiated the Finance Department to renegotiate the terms of our lease. As a result, we have a loan reductions, our rates are lower, and we are translating those saving to our residents! Historically, changes are made in November and are implemented in January of the following year. With that being the case, we are likely to see lower sewer rates January 2017.

Please forward Mayor Anderson any concerns or questions you may have by contacting me here