I have had several requests to clarify Kingman City Council actions regarding the Kingman Airport Authority lease agreement.

  • 2003: Kingman City Council voted unanimously to extend the Kingman Airport Authority (KAA) lease 25 years with KAA having sole authority to renew lease another 25 years.
    • Kingman City Council included Mayor Byrum and Councilwoman Gates
    • Council chose not to negotiate any oversight authority or any performance standards/metrics
  • Nov 2015: Councilman Abrams requested an agenda item to discuss KAA metrics.  City Council had previously established policy that any council member could place an item on an agenda and only that member could remove the item.
  • Dec 2015: On Monday afternoon, the day before the scheduled City Council meeting, Councilman Abrams called to request the KAA metrics item be removed from the agenda.   City Manager Dougherty and I were at a Greater Arizona Mayor’s Association meeting in Prescott Valley when we received his request and could not post an amended agenda within the required 24 hours before subject meeting.  During the meeting Councilman Abrams made a motion to remove the KAA metrics from the agenda.  In accordance with the policy established by Council, I supported Councilman Abrams’ request to remove the item.  Three Council Members voted against the policy they had unanimously approved.  If the Council unanimously establishes a policy, they should follow it.  The next time it could be a different member requesting an item, fully expecting the Council to abide by the policy it had unanimously approved.  The failure of the Council to follow its policy is disturbing.
  • July 2016: The Kingman City Council requested legal guidance from the City Attorney regarding a legal review of the KAA lease.  During Executive Session, Mr. Cooper advised City Council to refrain from any lease review until ongoing legal action against the US Federal Government regarding dross at the Kingman Airport resulted in a US Department of Justice decision and a timeframe for identification and removal of dross had been established.  The Council voted to accept the City Attorney’s guidance.
  • September 2016: In accordance with guidance and decisions of July 2016 Executive Session, the Council convened an executive session with the City Attorney to readdress review of the KAA lease agreement.  The Council unanimously agreed to pursue a third party independent review of the lease.  Mr. Cooper, Kingman City Attorney provided information to the Kingman Daily Miner for publication.

All actions taken by the Kingman City Council were in accordance with City Ordinances and Arizona State Statutes.  It is not appropriate to address speculation or paranoia of any individuals that might have personal agendas.

Please forward Richard Anderson any concerns or questions you may have by contacting me here or cell: 928-377-8888