I give all the kudos to Dora Manly, the City Manager, John Dougherty, his wife, all the volunteers and all the residents and visitors who made our July 4th, Independence Day celebration, a huge success. Real Kingman Community spirit! A young couple from out of town tried to pay for their hot dogs and drinks – knowing that somebody had to pay. The City Manager smiled and said, “Welcome to Kingman!”.

I am proud to be Mayor of a city where the children could dance on the streets, draw on the sidewalks with chalk while the parents sat on the grass, safe in the knowledge that their children are safe. Grandparents up boogieing, laughter, music and neighborliness ruled.

Everyone waved their glow sticks for the ABC cameras, showing our nation that we have America’s Best community spirit – and even better, what the film did not show, everyone, even the children, helped pick up the trash so that our City was as clean as ever.

Here are a few pictures to show how much fun we had. Let’s do this again!!!

It is my honor to be your Mayor.