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Mayor Anderson said that he wanted to give each of the newly elected Council members a couple of minutes to speak before his inaugural comments.

Mayor Anderson said that there has been a lot of discussion about where the city has come in the past several years and he wanted to discuss things to look at in the future. He said that the first thing is development along the Hualapai Mountain Road. He said that there is a lot of residential construction in the area at a rate of 2.5% which is a substantial increase over the past several years. He said that these homes are under contract and have buyers. He said that most of the shopping is north of Interstate 40 (I-40) and on Stockton Hill Road.  He said that the City seriously needs to try to recruit businesses like hardware and grocery stores along Hualapai Mountain Road in the commercial areas. He said that a lot of people are waiting for the traffic interchanges along I-40 to go through, but they are not on the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) five-year plan and there is no public or private money to build these. He said that traffic will continue to increase and there are more school children in this area.  He said that it is a 20 minute drive for these children to get to school when it should be four minutes. He said that there is also a hospital in the area with no access. He said that there needs to be better access across I-40 which will bring more shopping opportunities. He said that this will need to be faced in the future. He said that during the election he heard a lot about economic development and employment and consumer needs and wants. He said that there needs to be diversified employment opportunities. He said that restaurants are nice, but do not offer the potential for a career. He said they the City needs to take advantage of the assets on I-40 and at the airport for more industry and better paying jobs. He said that this will create the potential for a career for children, grandchildren, friends, and neighbors. He said that he hopes the Council will embrace industry as it grows. He said that this would provide a lot more opportunities for consumers. He said that it is important to realize that nationally, malls are changing and are moving to popup vendors. He said that he recently attended a conference that talked about popups, like Spirit Halloween, and how popups and malls are changing. He said that the City realizes the need for shopping and will try to pursue those opportunities. He said that these opportunities may not be what are expected, but they will come. He said that the City also needs to focus on education and training. He said that Kingman has a community college and a four-year university that offers on-ground courses here. He said that there is also a good Joint Technical Education program and believes if we want to be an area that attracts manufacturing, we need to have the ability to train citizens that employers would like. He said that he, as well as the Kingman Airport Authority (KAA), has had conversations with Mohave Community College about having more of a presence in the Airport Industrial Park to enlarge and expand training and certification capabilities. He said that he sees businesses and manufacturers coming to the Industrial Park and it is only a matter of time before the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) releases additional land to expand the park. He said that he hopes the Council will continue working with KAA, the Kingman and Mohave Manufacturers Association (KAMMA), and Patriot Rail to really take the potential and bring growth to the area. He said that the residents of Kingman pay less than 50% of what the sales tax revenue is. He said that it comes from friends and neighbors and people we need to work with to help the whole area improve the quality of life. He said that Kingman needs to take advantage of the assets we have. He said that the City has a fantastic group of employees who are all dedicated. He said that there are 40+ square miles of water service provided to customers outside of the municipality that depend on these employees. He said that is a lot of area for 300 employees to cover. He said that there is not one business in the area that has as diversified requirements as the City. He thanked the employees for all they do. He said that he hopes to continue to move forward and onward in the coming years.

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