At today’s City Council, I encourage you to bring your concerns, your celebrations and your questions to the Public at the beginning of City Council. It is a good idea to take a look at the agenda for tonight’s session because you may have a contribution to it or you may find that your concern is already being addressed. The agendas and minutes are all posted on the City website:

Council is meeting in an Executive Session with the City Attorney at the end of tonight’s session to discuss legal options in the case of Diane Richards. Here are some details regarding this case:

1. This is not the City’s case to prosecute. Because it is regarding money that crossed from one state into another, it is being Federally prosecuted.

2. The investigation started in September 2015.

3. Homeland security went back 3 years to 2012 and reported $300,000.

4. The City went back 7 years to September 2008, as far back as they could in the records, and found $1,113,589.85 had been taken from the City.

5. Diane Richard’s assets have been frozen. Her parents have bought her a house to live in.

6. $500,000 has been approved to be paid to the City from Insurance.

7. Negotiations are under way with the former auditing firm to offset the loss.

Please forward Mayor Anderson any concerns or questions you may have by contacting me here