Sara Peterson, Kristina Michelson and the entire Board of Directors, chaired by Ryan Dooley, are wonderful, enthusiastic, and determined, bright lights, in Kingman. Sara is extraordinary! I have a few children and grandchildren, but she has 7 children, the youngest still in her arms, and is bursting with energy. Their devotion to arts, education, and our children having a rich life full of opportunity, is exemplary.

Beale-Street-Theater-Before-1          Beale-Street-Theater-Before-2

Last Saturday, I visited the old Beale Street Theater. These are the ‘before’ pictures. Diana and I are truly excited to see not only what the Theater will look like when finished, but also the unfolding of Sara’s entire vision. I urge all residents of Kingman and Mohave County to come to the Arts in the Park fundraiser, August 6, 5-10pm at Metcalfe Park, corner of Beale and Grandview. It is in the evening and under the trees, cooling the heat of the day. Great time to come out and visit the Downtown Merchants.

Also, go to their website – you can make a donation online and participate in the classes and events they have this summer.

My hat off to you Kingman Center for the Arts!

Please forward Richard Anderson any concerns or questions you may have by contacting me here or cell: 928-377-8888