Think Tank Update

Recently Joe Longoria, Harley Petit and I had a meeting and identified the first three members of the group: Doug Dickmeyer, Cere Tabbert and Pat Farrell.  We plan a follow-up meeting to discuss the basic mission, framework, structure, policies and roles of the...

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Marketing Kingman

Kingman is blessed with having a transportation infrastructure (interstate, rail, air) and destination status (US Route 66) to accommodate a reasonably low taxing structure.  The challenge is to sufficiently leverage these assets to generate revenues to finance city...

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Kingman on the Move

                 Richard Anderson: 2010-2016 Council Member/Mayor Experienced Fiscal Conservative: Paid off long term debt (bonds) - increased General Fund balance $ 5.1M 2014-2016 Sued US Federal Government - won Airport Dross Settlement ($ 30-50M: detect, remove)...

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Kingman Youth

I have lived in several communities that have seen a substantial number of their youth move away because of a lack of opportunity in their community. Some of the better initiatives to offset this that I have personally seen are Joint Technical Education Development...

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Financial Qualifications

I am a Financial Manager by profession. Previous financial positions are Senior Financial Analyst of the Industrial Base and Financial Manager of the Army Supply System at the Pentagon, I was responsible for $17B annual sales and $200B inventory and over $1T in assets...

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