As the November 8 election nears, are you, the voter aware of the Mayoral Candidate’s priorities and objectives?  What will be the deciding factors for your vote?  If you have been to the many forums, meetings, meet and greets, you have met the candidates. But what did they say?  My local campaigning and website have consistently talked about important Kingman City issues.  All issues can be reviewed on my website.

                                                                                   Anderson                    Gates

Public Safety                                                                     Y                               ?

Water                                                                                 Y                               ?

Roads                                                                                Y                               ?

Tourism                                                                              Y                               ?

Economic Development                                                  Y                               ?

Local Programs                                                                Y                               ?

These are important issues as Kingman has worked its way out of long term debt (excluding the long delayed sewer requirements imposed by EPA and ADEQ), transitioned a barren downtown to a growing and bustling center piece, reinitiated road maintenance, assisted businesses in opening or expanding operations and established a viable fund balance to address major issues.

I ask each of you to become familiar with candidate positions before you vote November 8th.  Let’s keep Kingman moving forward!


Generating Local Community Efforts:

  • Kingman Town Halls – Fifth Tuesday of the Month (Quarterly)
  • Kingman Area Partnership for Economic Development (KAPED)
  • Kingman Think Tank – Informal local effort with partners Joe Longoria and Harley Petit

Primary areas of concentration and collaboration (all areas extremely important):

  • Public Safety
    • Develop tactical capability units to combat significant threats and acts of aggression  (KPD)
    • Update/upgrade radio communications (KPD)
    • Body Cameras (KPD)
    • Versatile response vehicles and equipment (KFD)
  • Water
    • Development Strategic Plan for Water Management
    • Reduce reliance on aquifer draw (interim goal -50%)
      • Provide water saving tips (City Website)
      • Encourage construction improvements (Grey water, Rainwater harvesting)
      • Direct reentry of A++ reclaimed water into system
  • Roads
    • Full implementation of roads survey system into annual maintenance program
    • Develop Public-Private Partnerships for arterial and interchange requirements
    • Develop and Execute Capital Improvements Plan for Roads with scorecard
  • Tourism
    • Continue to expand marketing
    • Continue to grow Best of the West on Route 66 (Kingman Signature Event)
    • Expand collaboration with State of Arizona, Mohave County, Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, Hualapai Tribe, others
  • Economic Development
    • Establish fulltime capability
    • Establish/maintain relationships with State of Arizona, Mohave County, Kingman Airport Authority, Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, others
    • Develop community goals and targets


Please forward Richard Anderson any concerns or questions you may have by contacting me here or cell: 928-377-8888