I welcome your feedback on what I have outlined below as important, day-to-day, issues that deserve the attention of the City for improving the quality of life for Kingman.

Whereas the Kingman Airport is a valuable asset with tremendous potential, it is not within the incorporated city limits and produces no direct income to Kingman. The employees of the Kingman Airport businesses generally shop within Kingman, producing sales tax and some state shared revenues for the city.  This Kingman Airpark and Industrial Park are important future job developers. They are a strategic consideration for Kingman’s economic growth. BUT, the City of Kingman also has day-to-day and infrastructure priorities that must be given attention for the welfare of our community.

Day-To-Day Priorities:

Public Safety: Police, Fire Safety – are cornerstones of a thriving and desirable community.  Crime rates and public safety response times are two important factors when selecting a location to live and the cost of insurance to protect your real estate.  A clean, safe, maintained city is where I want to be.  How about you?

Water: Water is the new elephant in the room.  We live in a desert and, whereas agriculture is important, the types of agriculture and irrigation methods are significant issues.  The State of Arizona has done little or nothing in providing assets to monitor or regulate water usage – or to make permit holders accountable for doing what they say they are going to do. When water permit holders break their agreement, justice needs to be brought to bear.  When permit holders spite and abuse water rights and controls, it affects all of us.  Mohave County is now belatedly getting into the game.  If Kingman is to survive and prosper, it must make maximum efficient use of the water it draws from its primary source/s.  Kingman has the capability of producing A++ water at its wastewater treatment plants and must develop a master strategy to use that water and reduce the draw of our aquifers.  Kingman is not the sole user of the aquifers; sharing utilization with others, especially the abusers, is a risky proposition.  I will discuss this and some options at the Mayoral Debate Thursday evening at the Grand Event Center.

Roads: Access by roads within the City is unnecessarily limited in some areas.  On the East Side of town, try to get from the North side of the 40 to the south side.  How do you get across Andy Devine? Only by using either Airway or Hualapai Mountain Road. Anyone driving down Stockton Hill Road know it is a mess. Western Ave, Glenn Dr. are excellent opportunities to resolve the congestion on Stockton Hill Rd. Let’s do something about this. This is another area we are addressing.

Tourism and Sales Taxes: Supporting Route 66 tourism and businesses throughout Kingman, downtown and uptown, is an absolute.  These are the sources of revenue for Kingman, and are CRITICAL!  I have heard that getting permits are impossible.  When Diana and I moved here in 2008, downtown was only the Bank, Circle K, the Standard, El Palacio, a pawn shop, antique stores, a few Government Buildings and lots of empty, run down buildings. Well as they say, look at us now!  Look at the vitality of our re-surging downtown! Permits impossible? Not now. Our City Manager and staff are working with prospective investors to insure health and safety requirements are satisfied, as well as, find a work-around for the often neglected maintenance of former building owners.  I have counted over 100 new businesses that have been started since January 1, 2010.  Some have failed.  Some businesses have expanded and opened a second outlet.  Here is a link to see a short list of these businesses, active today.

Route 66 and Tourism: Promoting the historic key of Kingman.  We have been very active in identifying marketing expertise and “selling” our City for tourists to come spend money.  Two years ago Kingman hosted the International Route 66 Festival.  We saw the potential, and have now established a signature annual event – Best of the West on Route 66.  Our City Manager has worked hard collaborating with the Kingsmen, the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce and local car enthusiasts to make this happen.  Did you see: the tractor pull, the giant water slide, the mechanical bull, the rock wall climb?  Kingman was packed!  We have a signature event!  Kingman is making progress and moving forward!

I have had the opportunity to meet and speak with each of the three candidates running for the two remaining Council seats.  They are good people and have the courage to speak their opinions.  David Wayt stands out.  He is new to the area and has moved to Kingman to be the Mohave County prosecuting attorney in drug cases. From the beginning, he has been willing to address any and all areas the City must deal with: public safety, water, roads, tourism, airport.  Jamie Scott Stehly and Gary Rucker continue to identify with the Airport priority but have spoken recently on water issues.

Please forward Richard Anderson any concerns or questions you may have by contacting me here or cell: 928-377-8888