Thank You for your service.  Welcome home.  This past Friday, the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 975, hosted the 50th Commemoration of the Vietnam War.  I remember, very vividly, this unpopular war; the taking of many of my high school and college classmates and the very disgusting treatment these heroes received as they came back to the country whose freedom they fought and died for.  Those in attendance were not bitter, but were proud to be honored for their service.

The Kingman area is blessed to be home of over 5,000 veterans.  Our veterans and their extended families are a very large part of the pride and determination of how we deal with adversity and move forward as A TEAM, a very strong team.

This Friday, November 11, is Veterans Day.  As you go about your day, please take a moment to say ‘Thank You” to our veterans, and remember all those who died fighting for our freedom.

Saturday, the Kingman Veterans Parade will take place on Beale St., starting at 6th Street.  Invest your time in appreciation of the good life we have by coming downtown to help celebrate our veterans and the peace and security they have provided us.

Thank you for your service.  Welcome home.