Richard Anderson – Mayoral Platform


Working with Kingman for Kingman

Improving the quality of life in Kingman by working together, utilizing our assets, resources, and traditions.

Jobs in Kingman, AZ

Kingman deserves good paying jobs. Richard Anderson is dedicated to targeting recruitment efforts that attract a mixture of industry, businesses and service jobs offering gainful employment, competitive wages and benefits for area residents. Kingman needs to review our area land and facilities to plan for smart growth.


Workforce – recruit, train and retain a world class workforce

Operations – establish standards to increase productivity and reduce cost

Utilities – reduce customer rates and expand availability (water and sewer)

Water –

  • Work with the State for regulation to stop/prohibit irresponsible agricultural water procedures, and apply penalties for non-compliance with agreed use. Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) should review all applications for water usage and if they feel that there is a better conservation method, then implement it. Refer to the write up of the Republican Forum meeting of January 16, 2015 for more details.
  • Developing water conservation measures within the City for both the City of Kingman Government and residents. City message water conservation tips on a broader and more frequent level.

Roads – identify travel/traffic issues:
Rancho Santa Fe to North of the 40 Stockton Hill Road

Public – provide for a 1-2 hour forum quarterly for all City Council Members, Kingman City Manager and Department Directors with the public.
Commissions – provide for a 1-2 hour workshop each fifth Tuesday of the month for the Kingman City Council, the Kingman City Manager and appropriate staff, and appointed commissions (rotating basis to ensure all participate annually).

Taxes – Revenues must be consistent to meet the requirements of the residents, business community and development. Stop-gap sales tax increases are not the answer to lack of planning. Fixed and recurring expenses must be defined in respect to a fluctuating economy and resourced accordingly. Any changes to tax structures must be fully vetted and openly discussed with the residents through town hall meetings.
Land Use (City Owned) – Emphasize development or expansion of recreation areas for all age groups.

Annexation – Analyze and consider annexation of areas that could improve Kingman’s competitive position, both near and far term, to attract jobs, increase consumer options, improve access and traffic distribution, promote future development opportunities and improve the quality of life for Kingman area residents.


Plan, energy, water and utility conservation programs, efficiency improvement goals, revenue flows to meet requirements, and remember whose wallet is paying.

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