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Taxes: When council members were pushing for a sales tax increase, I pushed back with a suggestion of line item budget audits and revenue planning. I did vote, unanimously, with Council to raise a sunset sales tax (1/2 %) to use for road improvements/upgrades for Gordon and Airway congestion, and public safety provisions, it was necessary at the time the 1% State sales tax was being eliminated.


Economic Development has been a main focus. I have dedicated time to work with the Economic Development Commission and the Manufacturing community to focus on jobs and training. I kept in contact with key players in the purchase of the (old) Frontier building, which has brought in the 99 cent Store, Tractor Supply, Jimmy John’s and recruitment of Chipotle Mexican Grill. Carole Young, Mark Wimpee, Jen Miles and I devoted numerous hours to economic development. This is an area that requires time and effort from the Mayor and I make that commitment.


I am the only one to request and review detailed financial reports, beyond what council is given as a summary report. I speak up when I see a potential benefit in revenues or a red flag on expenses, as with the Sewer increases. I was the lone nay vote in raising the sewer rates to 25%. At the last budget session, there was a realization that the 25% sewer increase was 60% more than required. I recommended a rate reduction of some kind to rate payers. It was decided to use all of it for sewer expansion.


Financial: I am a Financial Manager by profession. Previous financial positions are Senior Financial Analyst of the Industrial Base and Financial Manager of the Army Supply System at the Pentagon, I was responsible for $17B annual sales and $200B inventory and over $1T in assets as part of the Army Supply System.


Experience in logistics to provide supplies to troops and provide written and oral testimony to the Federal Appropriations Committee for emergency obligation, authority and funding. Supervised 150 employees.


Time: As a retiree, I can devote whatever time necessary to ensure tasks are on target. I can adjust priorities to meet with business leaders, attend meetings and speaking engagements. I will always be available for day-to-day administration and in emergency situations. I have been a reliable liaison at all commission meetings. I can attend all Tri-City Council meetings, council of Mayors meetings, League of Cities meetings and any other government meetings that require the presence of the mayor.


I can ensure that Council’s goals and objectives are on target and provide the time, effort and planning required to accomplish them.


Identify opportunities to take to Council or action. Always remember whom I work for and move Kingman forward in a positive way. I will always be accountable for my actions and make it a priority to keep commitments that I make. My main goal is to earn your trust and keep it by doing what is best for Kingman.

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